Dealing Solution

Business Financial Investment Company IT Service Dealing Solution

Dealing Solution (KOSMOS)

  • Dealing solution specialized in global and domestic trading business of foreign securities companies
  • Solution which supports Front and Back Office business in a single system (from pre-order registration to settlement), and provides specialized functions such as foreign orders, global settlement, transaction history management, etc.

Main Features

  • Front Office Business
    • Real-time processing of order/conclusion through global OMS(Order Management System) FIX linkage
    • Various order functions such as DMA order, telephone order, pre-order, separate order etc.
    • Receive orders from domestic asset management companies through STP-HUB linkage
    • Real-time order status monitoring including deal tracing and etc.
    •     * OMS : Order Management System
          * DMA : Direct Market Access
  • Back Office Business
    • Support for global payment interfaces such as CTM and etc.
    • Generate and transmit securities specialized report
    • Pre-matching and settlement history, user performance management, etc.
    •     * FIX   : Financial Information eXchange
          (Global standard protocol for transmitting and receiving data between financial institutions)
          * CTM : Global service (Omgeo CTM) that provides message sending and receiving service and etc. for transaction
          confirmations and payment of transations between financial institutions
Dealing Solution(Koscom Order and Settlement Management & Operating System)
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