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Koscom Blockchain Trading Platform

  • In 2016, R&D department started researching blockchain technology. Through Bitcoin-based ‘OTC bond negotiation trading’ PoC (Proof of Concept) in April 2016 and Hyperledger-based ‘Fund transfer’ PoC, Koscom developed its own Blockchain fundamental technology.
  • Koscom continuously researched and developed capital market-specialized platforms and services including not only trading trading platform, but also pre-trade/post-trade processing such as issuing, clearing, settlement, FDS information sharing.

    * Blockchain: Also known as Digital Distributed Ledger, is resistant to the modification because smart contract based transaction records, of which the list is called a block, linked in a chain structure are distributed into different participants’ servers.
koscom blockchain platform

Stock-based Loan service using blockchain

  • Koscom’s first Blockchain platform-based business model
  • Utilizing Blockchain technology is expected to improve the transparency and reliability of the Capital market, to reduce costs, and to prevent from data spill, excess fee charging, and unreasonable business practice

Blockchain Testbed

  • Hyperledger Fabric-based, Blockchain Testbed platform capable of proving technologies and functions for a variety of IT services related to the Capital Market business

Target Customers

  • small or medium companies or fintech startups willing to implement blockchain services in the Capital market

Target Customers

  • Infrastructure Support Service
    • Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 supported
    • Blockchain Infrastructure provided (One(1) Peer node, One(1) Dev node, subject to change)
    • Easy sizing up using Koscom’s proprietary cloud service
    • Technology Support/Education Service
    • Consulting services for blockchain infrastructure technology or Capital market-related business system configuration
    • Hyperledger Fabric User/Operator Guide Training

Key Features

  • Basic monitoring service and performance test tool provided
  • Two(2) types of sample chain code provided: Wallet and Vote
  • For Dev node, either third party server or one provided from testbed is available
  • Business collaboration with Koscom can be considered depending on the test result.
  • Capital Market-specialized services can be included in the service
    • Financial data-linked services through Open API
    • Public certification service linked with SignKorea
  • Other types of blockchain platform such as ethereum can be supported after 2019
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