KRX Trading System

Business Capital Market IT Service KRX Trading System

Koscom provides extensive IT services for the trading processes including trading, settlement, notification of the results and clearing occurring in all forms of markets operated by Korea Exchange

Trading, Settlement and Clearing System in the 8 Markets

Marketable securities, KOSDAQ, derivatives market, KONEX and bond market
(general, small amount, government bond and REPO)

New markets: Oil (launched in March 2012), Gold (March 2014), OTC CCP (March 2013) Carbon Emissions (January 2015)

EXTURE+ System

Exchange trading system that processes trading transactions, trade results, clearing & settlements, index calculation, over-the-counter central clearing party (CCP), and many other functions, with its strong emphasis on build-and-operate IT infrastructure in the capital market that can handle transactions at high speed.

EXTURE+ System Development Focus

While maximizing its processing performance, the system is scalable in adopting new board and market regulations. We are constantly upgrading core technologies through in-house research and development.

Establishment and operations of Korea Exchange data center

Established in Seoul (KOSPI, KOSDAQ, etc) and Busan (derivatives), data centers are backed up interchangeably between two cities, ensuring secured and stable operations.

Maximized low-latency processing performance

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