CHECK Expert+ (Information Terminal)

Business Financial Information Service CHECK Expert+ (Information Terminal)

CHECK Expert+ is an information terminal service designed to conduct investment analysis for institutional and professional investors. CHECK Expert+ offers a variety of information in the exchange market, foreign exchange, bond, overseas market and domestic/global news to professional investors.


  • Provides prompt and accurate disclosures of market conditions to support proper investment decision.
  • Provides comprehensive information terminal service for professional investors by establishing vast information database for domestic/overseas various financial information collected over 40 years.
  •    * Securities Information Search(‘80) -> Securities Information(‘85) -> Securities InformationV2(‘93) -> CHECK(‘95) -> CHECK2000(‘00) -> CHECK Expert(‘03) -> CHECK Expert+(‘15)
  • Korea's respectful information service being used by security companies, investment trust companies, banks, insurance companies, global financial institutions along with government and public institutions.
  • ‘14.1 CHECK Expert+ Mobile released
  • ‘19.5 CHECK Expert+ Trading system (CHECKH-FOS) loaded

Main Contents

  • Analyzes and processes vast amount of data collected from 76 information sources and provides as 1,700 screens and more.
    • Provides use-friendly screens with high readability utilizing ergonomical UX and Inforgrapics.
  • Provides elevated analysis data with real-time price and charts of equities, bonds, futures/options, FX, economic financial and global security markets.
    • 70μs of Price data process speed applied with low-latency, in-memory technology.
    • Accurate and stable information product with integrated know-how on financial information business and technology.
  • Provides additional information like corporate finance information, economy news, market conditions/disclosures also available in English.
  • Provides analytical technique and tools including user's screen edit functions and Excel.
  • Provides system trading, messenger functions.
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