Business Financial Information Service DATAMALL

DATAMALL is a service created to facilitate financial information stored in Koscom's integrated data base for customers to conveniently use via Internet.


  • Provides history data on equities, bonds, futures/options and financial market related indicators for capital market research/ analysis upon user's request.
  • Enables capital market analysis for professional researchers to general investors.

Main Contents

  • Large-scale Database Service
    • Contains large and accurate database such as stocks, bonds, FX and overseas information
    • Provides a variety of supplementary data including IP info such as corporate financial info, and finance & economics
    • Provides TAQ(Trade and Quote) and minutely processed data
  • Accurate and Immediate Data Service
    • Provides users with environment to work on with promptly updated latest data
    • Apply market regulation changes immediately
    • Offers accurate and in-depth data analysis with use of various quantitative analysis models
Service Types(FUD, UDD, Screener, SOD)
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