High-speed network Service(STOCK-NET)

Business IT Infrastructure Service High-speed network Service(STOCK-NET)

The service provides dedicated networks for the financial investment business by connecting KRX, financial firms, financial investment association, securities & futures firms and other institutional investors. (The 'Stock-Net' has been operated as a joint network of market participants since Oct. 1991)


  • Processing the transmission on order/settlement of securities & futures firms
  • Transmitting the market data to users of capital market from home and abroad
  • Connecting the computer center of securities and futures firms with local branch offices
  • Connecting the brokerage system, STP-HUB between the securities firms and institutional investors
  • Connecting the system between related bodies, including FSS, KSD, KSFC, the bank of Korea, etc and securities firms
  • Processing global works by connecting the global network

Main Contents

  • The network service delivers order and market price in capital market.
    • Providing the shortest distance of route for order and market price by establishing one-to-one network between market and customers.
    • Providing non-stop service which guarantees business continuity and operating backup services for telecommunication route(equipment) in the Yeouido and Seocho center.
  • The network is delivering financial data between the headquarter and branch offices.
    • The financial data is delivered to the customer's headquarter(computer office) and the branch office, using the nationwide backbone network.
  • Real-time data synchronization
    • In case of disorder from natural disaster, the service could guarantee the business continuity through the disaster recovery center.
    • Establishing and operating the dedicated super high-speed optical telecommunication equipment by each customer.
  • Maintenance service for customer is being operated in local branches.
    • The integrated control center is capable of monitoring 24/7 to protect the customer's network and information.

Main features

Main features
Type Description
Transmission service Customer dedicated private network
Stock network service Providing transmission route for stock business, including order, trading, settlement and market price inquiry, etc.
DWDM service Providing DR network solution, using super high-speed optical network
High-speed internet service Providing the optimized internet with strong security function
Global stock-net service Providing global network which connects the capital market in home and abroad
Maintenance service Providing the integrated maintenance service on terminal circuit equipment
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