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Trading Solution (K-FRONT)

  • Front system with low-latency based algorithm trading function optimized for financial trading company corporation sales and product management professional trader
  • Equipped with high performance FIX engine for linkage with global market
  • Support efficient ordering/concluding of spots·futures such as basket ordering, arbitrage trading, and profit seeking

Main Contents

  • Low-latency based trading solution
    • Provides over 100 times advanced performance and capacity than existing OMS (order Management System) order in Micro-second unit, market price and FIX access
  • ETF-LP, Automated Hedge Solution
    • Seek additional profit through development of various strategies based on high performance
    • Provide various market price index such as real-time ETF NAV, real-time index calculation, and etc.
  • Algorithm Trading Solution
    • Automatic ordering using algorithms to minimize market impact and transaction costs
    • Support consulting and etc. for customer-specific strategy implementation
Trading Solution (K-FRONT)

Gateway ASP Service (FIX-GATEWAY)

  • Provides gateway ASP service that sends and receives order and conclusion data of multiple domestic markets (oil price, derivative, etc.) and overseas markets (CME linkate) by using FIX protocol to support global linkage service of foreign securities companies.
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