Derivatives Proximity Service Center

Business IT Infrastructure Service Derivatives Proximity Service Center

In Busan IDC located near the KRX derivatives market, Koscom provides a proximity service to market participants including securities companies.

Furnished with impeccable security facilities against system breach or human intrusion and multi-layered data protection devices against any failure or disaster

  • Space lease for rack and cage and operation services
  • Office lease and operation service for trading (Dealing Rooms)
  • Communications for transmission service such as securities/transmission network or the intranet

Promotes foreign investors’ participation in KRX derivatives market

busan IDC Center work flow in order to transfer fast order

IDC Center Map

Location(Busan Joint IDC)

 Derivatives Proximity Service Center Guideline  Download Derivatives Proximity Service Center Guideline


  • Located within 100 meters from KRX derivatives Center
  • Low-latency environment
  • Outstanding communication environment, close to KT South Busan office (within 100m) and LG U+ office (in the IDC)
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