About Us Company Information Vision/Mission

A leader of the IT industry, Koscom contributes to the capital market development and aims for constant innovation

  • Developing and operating the core IT systems for the capital market
  • Achieving efficiency and advancement of IT systems in the capital market
  • Responding to customers' needs in timely manner with up-to-date regulations
  • Accelerating globalization of capital market with the global competitiveness
Strategy of Koscom - Mision,Vision/Slogan, Core Value, Strategy

Types of Business Operation (Article 2 of Articles of Association)

  • Information processing service for financial investment institutions, companies and other organizations
  • System integration service including system development, operation and maintenance
  • Collecting, processing and provision of financial, economic and capital market information
  • Development, production, sales and lease of software
  • Sales and lease of information technology devices
  • Information and communication services including value-added network service and special category telecommunications service
  • Electronic transfer of funds service with other financial networks such as securities network or bank network
  • E-commerce services such as electronic authorized certificates and electronic securities service
  • General administration for the operation of indirect investment asset industry
  • Information system audits and consulting, information and communication contract, export and import, advertisement
  • Lease of real-estate property
  • Other businesses related to those specified above
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