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Learn about KOSCOM through numbers.

KRX Exutre+ maximum daily order transation computation is about 165 million transaction orders and average turnaround time is about 130 micro seconds and daily count of market data transfered are 50441079 transaction and KRX market data vendor are about 500 and Check Expert+ customer firms are about 360 and number of screens are 1bout 1700 and annual accumulated number of transactions of powerbase are 1229196642 and number of firms of powerbase are 69 and number of orders executed per second of k-front is 20000 and stock-net order processing speed is 12MB and market data line speed is 8<B and number of financial institutions conected with stp-hub are about 200 and annual digital certificates issued by signkorea are 4210349 and annual customer enquiries are 146038
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