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Welcome all of you for visiting our website.

KOSCOM made its first step in 1977 as the IT provider for Korean capital market. It has played a pivotal role throughout history and has now grown into a leading company in financial IT industry. Securities trading platform, general ledger service, market data distribution system, digital certificate authentication, to name a few, are a part of the overall IT infrastructure that KOSCOM constructs in line with its successive efforts to enhance customer value.

In this era of digital transformation driven by rapid expansion of digital economy, KOSCOM will remain innovative to strengthen the stability and competitiveness of its trading platform and total IT service. KOSCOM will also actively endeavor to provide new business opportunities to our customers in financial data sector as well.

Executives and employees at KOSCOM promise their full commitment to fulfil its role as the success partner for customers' continued growth and to firmly position itself as the "Digital Innovator" that creates new values in finance.

We look forward to and appreciate your ongoing interest and support.

Thank you.

Chairman and CEO of KOSCOM Woosun Hong

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