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Financial Investment Industry Integrated Call Center

Financial investment industry integrated call center operated in Feb. 2015 to handle receipt of financial fraud report out of business hours and suspension of related accounts (☎ 1899-8482)

  • Information confirmation and registration of fraud victims
  • Prevent the additional withdraw of fraud used accounts
  • Management of payment suspension by securities companies and notification of processing result
  • Electronic Telecommunication Financial Fraud
    • Act of using electronic telecommunication to deceive, threat, or acquire personal information of an unspecified number of people, and wiring·transferring capital to take advantage of the property
    • Excluding acts that impersonate the supply of goods or the provision of services (such as loan fraud, used goods brokerage fraud, intermediary and fees)
Integrated Call Center for Financial Investment Industry

HINT Service

HINT Service provides a platform for simulated investment and algorithm system in which investors can go through the actual investment process in advance to verify their investment strategies. HINT system is composed of virtual execution, mock investment such as ledger management, and algorithm service.

  • Simulated investment service
    • Complete Package Solution from ledger to virtual trading, embedded in the member company’s client and server
    • Virtual trading service provided two times a day with regular & replay market*
      * Replay market offers simulated trading environment using the intraday quotation after the regular market
    • Algorithm Service (to be provided)
      • Provide algorithm platform for HFT(High Frequency Trading)
      • Provide Self Designed, Pre-Packaged algorithm
      • Provide Import and Export function of self created algorithm
      • Provide integrated open API
Trading platform and virtual trading system with optimized stability and performance
  • Smartphone App (Securities Plus for Kakao) Service
    • Certification service for simulated trading of KRX derivatives, simulated investment service on stock broadcasting
    • Simulated investment service for investors
    • Other new services such as simulated investment games
  • Simulated investment service for web portal (to be launched)
  • PR Movie Clip
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