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  • Providing the new services by searching contents related to the capital market based on Big data & AI analysis.
    • Big-Data & AI(Artificial Intelligence) : The technology analyzes a large amount of structured or unstructured data sets beyond the data collection, storage, management and analysis of existing databases and the result from the data sets by machine-learning or deep learning technology based on artificial intelligence, thus creating new values and new meanings which were not defined before.

Main features

  • Developing and operating a market sentiment analysis model that combines stock price data and social data.
    • Business contracts for providing services with Newsis(Jul, 2017), Yuanta Securities(Jul, 2017)
  • Contributing to vitalize capital market by developing various contents with multi-angled analysis on financial structured & unstructured data.
  • Creating market sentiment index on domestic major listing companies by analyzing the unstructured SMD(Social Media Data)

Collaborating with external organization in order to create data fusion contents from different industries.

Promoting to create and collect ideas on big-data from inside and outside of the company.

Operating related communities for improving analysis technology, promoting exchange of ideas and developing contents regarding on big-data technology in capital market.

Operating training courses for nurturing data scientist on big-data in capital market.

Going forward to be a 'big-data center for capital market' for analyzing big-data of financial investment industry.

  • Designated as 'specialized Big-data center' by National Information Society Agency(NIA) under the Korea Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT) (Apr, 2018)

Proceeding to establish the big-data & AI platform specialized in capital market.

빅데이터 컨텐츠 설명

Creating big-data killer contents

  • Analyzing correlations between disclosure event and market price : By comparing market prices in before and after the disclosure event, analyzing the correlation between them, finally judging significance when disclosure event takes place.
  • CAdvancement in pair-trading investment method : Analyzing overall market price volatility and stability makes possible to come up with various investment strategies based on the correlation.
  • Analyzing response to breach and effectively operating the firewall : Big-data technology could contribute to improve in-advance blocking on intrusion or access from outside of PC, server, security equipments and to increase the firewall processing speed through log analysis.
  • Fraud Detection System(FDS) : The system could provide proactive response to abnormal trading signal which was not detected by the previous system.

Development plan

  • Analyzing the report based on robot-journalism.
  • Creating big-data ecosystem by establishing big-data&AI platform specialized in capital market.
  • Creating synergy effect through data fusion and promoting the collaboration with other industries such as medical, distribution, credit rating, etc. in order to find the business insight.
  • Pursuing continuously to expand the business area to financial, public, abroad market based on big-data contents service business in capital market.
  • Increasing use case of big-data in company by internalization of data analysis.
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