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Fintech Ecosystem Development

  • Provide Fintech Support program to find and nurture early-stage startups.
  • Provide office space to materialize innovative ideas.
  • Provide financing support for firms through composing fintech funds and matching with institutional investors.

Fintech OpenAPI Platform

  • Capital Market Common Fintech OpenAPI Platform (Open Platform, hereafter) is
    • Shared platform for easy and convenient financial services combined with innovative ideas of external entities such as fintech firms by opening core values of participants to public.
  • Goal of Open Platform
    • Provide fundamentals where open platform participants coexist by building API ecosystem in the financial industry
  • Key functions of Open Platform
    • Open data and services of financial firms, fintech ventures, and other companies via API.
    • Provide functions for connection, security, and authentication for safe and efficient use of API.
  • 오픈플랫폼 개념도
  • Fintech Incubating Center
    • Capital Market Fintech Support Center Fintech Open API Platform
    • Startup Office Environment support (6 companies moved in): Incubating room (office and business machines), meeting rooms
  • Fintech OpenAPI Platform outcomes
    • Currently, 16 financial investment companies including NH Investment & Securities, Samsung Securities have participated. The number is expected to increase.
    • Eight(8) startups such as Fabot and Sevenfintech are expected to launch new services through the Open API Platform (as of Aug. 2018)
    • In collaboration with BC card, Nice Information Service Co., etc., 105 different types of data such as card payment data, company financial data, etc. are provided.
    • Those fintech startups were designated to be promoted to be registered in KRX’s Startup Market (KSM) on July 2017.
  • Expected benefits from Fintech OpenAPI Platform
    • Opening data and service to the public through API, innovative ideas from the outside can be combined to create new financial services
    • Open Platform combined with a variety of external company and financial data can promote standardization and concentration to maximize network effect.
    • The Open Platform provides cyber security, private data protection, and financial network linkage services which fintech startups often find it difficult to deal with so that customers can use those fintech’s services feeling reassured.
  • Contacts
    • Financial investment Fintech Porta l:
    • Koscom Fintech Business Office (02-767-7615)
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