• 1. We will accept customers’ opinions with positive attitudes and open minds.
  • 2. We will immediately correct any inconveniences or complaints raised by a customer.
  • 3. We will not say ‘NO’ to customers by reason of our internal regulations.
  • 4. We will attain ‘operation with no fault for 365 days by performing all our capabilities.
  • 5. We will realize operations with no fault for 365 days while concentrating all our capabilities.
  • 6. We will keep reasonable and ethical activities in our business development.
We promise to execute the following details in order to fulfill the goals.

Service performance criteria - commitments to our customers

How to respond to phone calls from customers

  • We will answer to all phone calls before it rings three times disclosing our position and name along with warm greetings and keeping a kind attitude at all the times.
  • We will say, “I am sorry for the late response” when the phone has rung more than four times.
  • We will wait for the customer to hang up first and remember to say, “Thank you” when we finish the phone conversation.
  • We will respond with a diligent attitude using easy and polite language.
  • If any person in charge is absent, we will arrange to have another employee or the manager in charge handle the required business or return the call within five minutes.
  • We will avoid making the customer repeat the same information by passing on the details of the previous conversation before we transfer the call to other personnel in charge due to reasons such as the inability to handle the customer’s inquiry.

When we visit customers

  • We will visit customers with a clean and bright appearance, making a prior appointment with the customer at a time that is convenient to them when we make circulatory visits, business discussions or consultations.
  • We will start business after disclosing our identity and acquiring access to the entrance when we visit our customers.
  • We will provide the explanation of the results to those in charge of the business before we leave our customers after finishing our business.

When customers visit our company

  • We, all the employees of the company, will respond to customers with a polite attitude of smiles and kindness and meet our customers with the greeting, "How are you?"
  • When we send off our customers, we will escort them to the entrance of the elevator saying, "Have a nice day.“
  • We will keep a clean and orderly environment to our offices.

Common Services

  • We will review the size and time of modification and inform customers of possibilities for processing any requests (system modifications, new developments, and addition/modification of screens and functions) from customers within a day.
  • We will process such simple matters as the modification, addition and deletion of access rights for screens and inform customers of the related results within a day.
  • Our responsible personnel will inform customers of the review results for a development request within a day.
  • We will complete processing any business modifications for new or modified executions of institutions within the requested time.
  • We will inform customers of interim progress every 15 days if any request from customers takes longer than a month of processing time.
  • We will immediately process any inquiry from our customer support center and inform the customer of the expected process time with 10 minutes if it takes longer than an hour in the processing of any case.
  • We will announce causes of any expected service suspension (modifications in the market system, service improvement, reflections of requests from customers, regular system checkups, etc.) in convenient ways (notice on screens, e-mail, SMS, documents and/or telephone) 7 days before such expected suspension of services.
  • We will establish training plans upon discussions within a day and carry out the education on the promised days if any training is considered necessary and requested in relation with products.
  • We will process any input from customers on our homepage within the same day of such receipts.

Product Services

  • 1.IT Infrastructure for Securities and Derivatives Products (Market Head Office)
    • We will carry out reviews within a week if any business review is requested.
    • We will inform the customer of any additionally required time three days before the expected date of completion if any delay in the business process is expected.
    • Any inquiry on materials delivered to customers will be explained directly by our person in charge of such delivery.
  • 2. Information Head Office
    • Information Data
      • We will inform the person in charge of products requiring prompt service of any problem within 10 minutes upon any such occurrence of problems.
      • We will post the appropriate contents on our bulletin board “koscomDATA Announcement” upon completing the specifications of trading information.
    • CHECK
      • We will provide accurate explanations at sites from our visiting personnel upon any inquiry from customers during the training courses.
      • We will promptly identify any necessity of additional explanations from our responsible personnel and provide such explanations respectively.
      • Any inquiry on materials delivered to customers will be explained directly by our person in charge of such delivery.
  • 3. Financial Head Office
    • PowerBase
      • We will appoint the person in charge of the tests, and inform the customer to theperson, during the internaltests and customer tests.
      • We will inform customers of test results (error detail and process results, etc.) via our customer report by the person in charge of tests.
    • Retirement Pension
      • If any person other than the person in charge receives any phone call, we will assure the person will immediately communicate with the responsible person followed by contact from the responsible person within an hour.
      • We will inform customers of the process schedule and scope for the request within three days upon any request from customers.
  • 4. Infrastructure Head Office Network
    • We will inform customers of the trouble handling time and plan with our contact within 30 minutes to the person in charge of such trouble
    • We will post our emergency contact network for our responsible personnel on our homepage to cope with any trouble during nights or weekends.
    Infrastructure Head Office Network
    Divisions Tasks Person in Charge Tel E-mail Representative Tel
    Network Development Team Securities Networks Services nformation and Market Price (UDP) Lee Chul-Ho 767-7115 shadows@koscom.co.kr 767-7070
    Seo Jung-Chul 767-7177 seojch@koscom.co.kr
    Hwang Jun-Seon 767-7148 s_hwang@koscom.co.kr
    Trade Conclusions (IT-HUB) Hyun Jung-Hoon 767-7146 thehyuns@koscom.co.kr
    Lee Tae-Kon 767-7128 tglee92@koscom.co.kr
    General Transmission Services (PassPort/DWDM) Lee Byung-Ok 767-7125 bolee@koscom.co.kr
    Hong Jong-Ok 767-7136 hjw6268@koscom.co.kr
    owerBase Transmission Services Yoon Hyun-Gap 767-7117 yhg00@koscom.co.kr
    Jung Soo-Jin 767-7118 sjjeong@koscom.co.kr
    Internet Services Kim Yeon-Sul 767-7174 ysoolkim@koscom.co.kr
    Network Support Team Maintenance Services Goh Yeuing-Hee 767-7137 koyh@koscom.co.kr
    Jeon Young-Gyung 767-7168 jeon5007@koscom.co.kr
    • Electronic Certification
      • We will provide guidance to renewal via e-mail or phone or SMS for any customers, who has already subscribed, a month before the expiry of their certificate.
    • BCP
      • We will announce any occurrence of trouble or non-conformity via SMS within 30 minutes and inform the customer of the process results within three hours.
      • We will carry out the task transfer and receipt through a period of parallel operations at least for a month upon any personnel change, and inform customers of the results through measuring the job performance from our simulated training for the accuracy of transferring procedures and conformity of our targeted time.
      • We will process any request for materials in link to other departments within three days and inform customers the progress and expected date of completion if such request is expected to be delayed than the requested date of completion within three days.
  • 5. Business Development / Marketing (Business Development Promotion Team)
    • We will forward any phone call to our mobile phone in case when we have to leave our desk during business hours.
    • We will deliver the necessary consultation contents to the responsible person and ensure communication with our customers within an hour if another person receives any phone call during the time of forwarding such a phone call.
    • We will ensure feedback within a week for the possibility of reflection upon any request from a customer, which might require our internal review.
  • We will admit our mistakes, accept comments, and immediately correct any wrong service.
  • We will immediately correct any mistake or unkind services in the business handling by our employees while humbly accepting comments to such inconvenience from customers.
  • We will provide feedbacks on the process results directly by team managers for all the received matters while maintaining a close cooperation system with our in-house window exclusive for the receipt of discontents.
  • We will provide any informer with the designated gift coupon when the fact is confirmed from the reporting of examples causing any unkind circumstance or customer dissatisfaction
  • We will humbly accept evaluations from customers and make efforts to demonstrate our advanced appearance.
  • We will evaluate our levels of services and reflect those results on our business through carrying out surveys on the customer satisfaction and phone monitoring.
  • We will announce the survey results on services through our company’s homepage.
  • We define and practice our service performance standards to provide and develop products and services in trust truly necessary for customer, and thus we also ask for the active cooperation from our customers as follows.
    • We would appreciate your cooperation for the efficient business process when we visit customers.
    • Please make us correct any unkind circumstance or inconvenience immediately as customers promptly inform us of such circumstances.
    • If you inform us of any exemplary employee in our company, we will make him or her become one of our examples.
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