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KOSCOM offers the largest 'Global Corporate Financial Information' in Korea

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2014-07-21 17:35:42
KOSCOM offers the largest 'Global Corporate Financial Information' in Korea 

2014. 7. 21

KOSCOM offers the largest 'Global Corporate Financial Information' in Korea

□ KOSCOM(CEO, Chung Yun-dae) announced on July 21st that they will offer 'global corporate financial information' via their integrated financial information terminal, ‘CHECK Expert', to comprehend overseas corporate financial information.  

□ The financial information newly offered includes basic information of global corporations who are listed in 8 exchanges [▲NYSE(U.S.A.) ▲NASDAQ(U.S.A.) ▲Shanghai(China) ▲Shenzhen(China) ▲Tokyo(Japan) ▲Taiwan Stock Exchange(Taiwan) ▲Hong Kong(Hong Kong), etc] throughout 6 countries including U.S.A., China, Japan, etc,  consensus, and the expected profit.

   * Consensus : expected numbers/amounts that markets are agreed on target stock prices, investment opinion, etc.

□ To offer this information, KOSCOM signed an official agreement with FactSet (a professional enterprise who offers global financial information) in last April. 

□ KOSCOM also explains that besides offering the basic information such as stock prices and corporate overviews from 50 thousands global companies that are the largest in Korea, they will also provide target stock price, investment opinion, expected profit as well as the basic information. This will enable to access a more accurate data analysis and today's trend comprehension on globally competitive industries. 

□ KOSCOM's chief director of Financial Information department, Mr. Lee Jae Kyu, remarked that “CHECK customer's direct/indirect investment decision on foreign corporations will be easier", and he continued that “We expect that comparative analysis on local/foreign industries within same fields and investment opinion from principal institutions in foreign countries will be a practical help for investors".

□ KOSCOM plans to improve further on expertise of global financial information by offering consensus trend and additional processed data in future.
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