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The title for world's No.1 white hacker goes to a team from the United States.

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2014-07-09 17:33:13
The title for world's No.1 white hacker goes to a team from the United States.

- successfully ended ’SecuInside 2014’ Hacking & Defense contest -

2014. 7. 9

The title for world's No.1 white hacker goes to a team from the United States.

□ The winner of 'SecuInside 2014', the Hacking and Defense Contest hosted by Koscom(CEO Chung, Yun Dae), is decided. 

□ Korea University Graduate School of Information and Security, another supervision of this contest with Koscom, held the final round at Conrad Hotel in Yeouido for two days from July 8th. The title of the finalist went to 'tomcr00se' team from the United States.

□ 'tomcr00se', the winner team, is the only team among teams selected to advance to the final round. 'CodeRed' Korean team placed the second place with total score of 1,311 which is 2 points behind the score of 'tomcr00se' team.

□ 'MoreSmoked LeetChicken' team from Russia placed third in the contest. This team placed the first place in the preliminary round.

□ Raon Secure, who managed the whole operation of the contest, said that "The level of questions was higher than that of other contests. It was a dingdong race that was hotly contested."

□ Georgy Hotz(25) from tomcr00se said that "I've been participated other various contests as a team member. However, it was my first contest by myself and that's why this reward means a lot to me. It was really hard for me to solve question on my own, but I am very proud of myself and happy now."

□ Kim, Hee Joong(2) from 'CodeRed' team said "Our team starts at the bottom of final round. However, I was so happy when I found out we placed the second finally. I am very satisfied with the result." She also said that "I will try harder and do my best for a better result at the worldwide competition like this." 

□ 10 teams participated in the final round ended the contest in the morning of July 9th. They expressed impressions about this event by saying that "There were many unique questions, such as interpreting the secret code and deciphering pictures & games. Even though the level of questions was very high and difficult, but this event definitely was a good experience for all of us." 

□ Yun Dae Chung, the president and CEO of Koscom, said "We are having this event every year to heighten consciousness on information security issues for all electronic finance users." He also said that "I expect this event to become a forum where people develop sympathy and share new security skills. 

□ This event was held together with Information Protection Conference where policy making authorities including Financial Services Commission and many other people working in financial investment sector. 
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