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Koscom opened a network service for overseas institutional investments in Hong Kong

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2014-07-02 17:30:28
Koscom opened a network service for overseas institutional investments in Hong Kong

- Expecting influx of overseas order to domestic stock market -

2014. 7. 2

□ Koscom(CEO Chung, Yun Dae) will open Liquidity Hub Service from July 1st. Liquidity Hub is a network service which is to help foreign investors to make easier order delivery in Korea's capital market. 

□ For Liquidity Hub system, on May 27th, Koscom signed a business collaboration contract for Liquidity Hub with BT(British Telecom), which is known as world's No.1 Financial Network and Data Center Company. 

□ Liquidity Hub helps institutional investors in Hong Kong to easily access to Korea's transaction system. Koscom provides various IT infra including lines/circuits for orders, network equipments and etc. which will then bring the vitalization of the capital market since it becomes much easier for foreign investors making investments in Korea.    

□ Koscom and BT are going ahead of work with 15 institutional investment companies and are planning to simultaneously progress with domestic sales activities with domestic securities companies with high interests in attracting foreign investors.

□ Shin Kang, the director of Koscom's Infra Department, stated that "We guarantee that Liquidity Hub is an excellent service that utilizes the existing broadband network, which is 20% cheaper, with high speed." He also said that "It is an one-stop service that also provides FIX solution for the access to Korea's capital market other than networks."

    * FIX : a standard communication protocol for an exchange of international financial information.

□ Koscom is also planning to expand the Liquidity Hub Services to Singapore, Japan, and etc.
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