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Koscom, New CEO Designation Announced

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2014-05-08 17:21:39

Koscom, New CEO Designation Announced

2014. 5. 8

□ Koscom announces the appointment of Mr. Yundae Chung as CEO Designation on 8th at extraordinary general meeting.

□ Mr. Chung is the software expert who has many years of related experience; he used to be a researcher at research institutions, give a lecture at the university and managed his own business. Particularly, it represents much that he became the CEO of Koscom as a 'private IT specialist' to Koscom

□ Mr. Chung stated that "My immediate priorities are to cover the managing issues and enhance competitiveness of Koscom as a global capital market IT company for Korean capital market development".

□ He begins working at Koscom on May 8 for 3 years.
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