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In 1977, Koscom was founded as a service provider of the IT infrastructure in Korea’s capital market. Since its inception, Koscom has presented a new paradigm of financial IT services and led the growth of the capital market.

For the last forty years, Koscom has underpinned the fundamental IT services in the capital market and the financial investment sector, including the IT systems for KRX and securities and futures firms, market information system and IT infrastructure.

Based on the world class technology, Koscom gained global competence through exporting IT systems for the capital markets in South East Asian, Central Asian and Eastern European countries.

Today’s financial industry recognizes IT as a crucial element, and requires more creative service through the convergence of finance and IT.

In the face of rapid change of financial environment, Koscom strives to be your reliable partner in the financial IT industry by building up new customer value through quality management and continuous innovation.

Chairman & CEO Chung Yun Dae

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