New Business R&D

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FinTech Incubating Center

FinTech support cycle
  • Expanding FinTech ecosystem by promoting FinTech companies’ entry into overseas market
    • Participating in FinTech global conferences and information sharing
    • Establishing a network by visiting leading FinTech support centers abroad
    • Providing full support on global market entry including global IR events participation
  • Working on researching stock market predictions models and a project for big data content development
  • Working on building content and analysis model with big data community, a group of IT experts in the capital market
  • Establishing a big data platform for financial investment sector

Mutual Growth Ecosystem for FinTech

  • Fosters start-ups through contests and promotes their growth
  • Funds FinTech companies through fund raising
  • Establishes a FinTech support center
  • Operates a FinTech conference and consultative group

Big Data Analysis: stock market prediction service and content development

  • Developing stock market prediction model combined with market data and social data
  • Analyzing financial data and developing content for the capital market vitalization
Big Data Analysis

SI service for a total management including planning, designing and developing IT systems and application software

ITO service for all or part of the customer IT system operation, such as application, IT infrastructure and its maintenance

IT Academy

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