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  • Exchange System Services

    Korea Exchange (KRX) trading system

    This system handles automatically all processes related to all products listed on the Korea Exchange from order reception
    to matching, notification of execution and clearing

    Securities market trading system
    A system for trading all the
    stocks and bonds listed on the
    stock market
    A system for trading index-based derivatives
    A system for trading KOSPI200 index futures
    and options, star index futures and individual
    stocks and options
    KOSDAQ trading system
    A system for trading stocks
    listed on the KOSDAQ

    The Korea Financial Investment Association free board and bonds disclosure system

    Developing and operating the Korea Securities Dealers Association’s free board trading system and the over-the-counter
    bond transaction disclosure system for trading issues not listed on either the KRX or KOSDAQ

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  • Securities & Futures Firms IT Services

    Total outsourcing services supporting all IT operations other than the
    basic operations of securities and futures companies
    (Koscom HTS)
    IT services enabling securities and futures companies to use various
    wire and wireless media to trade futures directly
    Koscom MTS)
    A system for professionals to trade securities and futures
    (Koscom KOSMOS)
    A system to provide special services for foreign securities companies
    based on PowerBase ®

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  • Financial Information Services

    (Koscom DATA)
    Collecting and processing the vast amount of data of the securities
    derivatives market and providing it to users
    Providing institutional and professional investors with domestic and
    overseas financial information via dedicated terminals
    (Koscom DATAMALL)
    Providing various kinds of information in various formats according to
    customer needs

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  • IT Infrastructure Services

    (Koscom STOCK-NET)
    A network for financial transactions consisting of the securities network,
    transmission, backup, Internet, global financial network, and
    (Koscom BCP+)
    Complete protection of customers’ systems and data from disasters
    such as natural disasters and unexpected accidents
    Total managed security providing authentication for digital signatures
    for e-commerce to prevent forgery, alteration and theft of personal information and transaction information and supporting secure electronic transactions
    Total managed security service available at a single source

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Realtime Korean Stock Indices
Realtime Korean Stock Indices
Realtime Korean Stock Indices
KOSPI 2,114.80

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KOSDAQ 711.39

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Dow Jones 18,048.11

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NASDAQ 5,078.57

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S&P500 2,109.22

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