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Creating core values for customers

  • In light of the convergence between Finance and ICT in the 4th industrial revolution, building up platforms where various market participants can be connected and communicate will lead to Capital market IT ecosystem where Koscom becomes a platform business enterprise.

Exploring growth engine business opportunities

  • Reforming existing obsolete services and trying various new platform services enables converting to Koscom's open platforms where market participants can receive the best services for new growth engine business.

Internal Corporate Venture

  • Internal Corporate Venture and Spin-off supporting business operator
    • Koscom was appointed as a supporting business operator in the 'technologically innovative startup supporting business' of Ministry of SMEs and Startups, selecting startups and acting as a bridge between startups (internal corporate ventures) and 'startup and management specialists', according to implementation procedures of supporting business.

      * Koscom selects internal corporate venture teams as 'internal corporate venture and spin-off supporting business' so that it can support them by providing seed capital and venture capital fundrasising through 1:1 matching along with the government.
  • Following Ninety days and FINSET, this is the 3rd time internal corporate venture exploration and implementation support through idea contest.
Internal Corporate Venture Procedures for technologically innovative business support
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