Derivatives Proximity Service Center

Business IT Infrastructure Service Derivatives Proximity Service Center

In Busan IDC located near the KRX derivatives market, Koscom provides a proximity service to market participants including securities companies.

Furnished with impeccable security facilities against system breach or human intrusion and multi-layered data protection devices against any failure or disaster

  • Space lease for rack and cage and operation services
  • Office lease and operation service for trading (Dealing Rooms)
  • Communications for transmission service such as securities/transmission network or the intranet

Promotes foreign investors’ participation in KRX derivatives market

Location(Busan Joint IDC)

 Derivatives Proximity Service Center Guideline 


  • Located within 100 meters from KRX derivatives Center
  • Low-latency environment
  • Outstanding communication environment, close to KT South Busan office (within 100m) and LG U+ office (in the IDC)
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