Data Mall

Business Financial Information Service Data Mall

DataMall is a service created to provide customer-tailored information by establishing large-scale database composed of stocks, bonds, foreign exchanges, economics, finance and overseas information

Service Types(FUD, UDD, Screener, SOD)

Large-scale Database Service

  • Contains large and accurate database such as stocks, bonds, FX and overseas information
  • Provides a variety of supplementary data including IP info such as corporate financial info, and finance & economics
  • Provides TAQ(Trade and Quote) and minutely processed data

Accurate and Immediate Data Service

  • Provides users with environment to work on with promptly updated latest data
  • Apply market regulation changes immediately
  • Offers accurate and in-depth data analysis with use of various quantitative analysis models

Internet-based Convenient and Stable Service

  • Implements services on web environment without installing S/W on PC
  • Ensures stability in transmitting a massive amount of data with a new technology application
  • Enables to rapidly receive data using optimized database

Maximized user’s convenience with various data formats

  • Transmits excel-based data and various charts to user’s computer, allowing application and storage of self-analysis model
  • Burns a CD and delivers it to the User’s address for the massive amount of data
  • Updates user management data regularly and send it to user’s e-mail
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