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The very first total finance information terminal, 'CHECK', is now available in Smartphone

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2014-01-21 16:45:18

The very first total finance information terminal,
'CHECK', is now available in Smartphone

2014. 1. 21

□ KOSCOM( announced that starting from this coming 23rd they will start to offer mobile service for 'CHECK Expert', Korea's the very first total finance information terminal.

   * CHECK Expert : It is a total finance information terminal which offers a fast and accurate information on  stock price, ask price, investor trends, and all kinds of real time finance market information and is used by most of current local/foreign institution investors.

□ Compared to the existing securities firms's mobile applications which offer basic information on stock/derivatives market and trading functions, this CHECK has special trait as its mobile application offers the vast number of types on stock price information and analytics including bonds, foreign indices, foreign stock types, real-time currency information, OTC derivatives, etc.

□ Bond market information that will be provided via CHECK mobile application includes ▲KOFIA's Rate of return for final quote ▲ Bond/OTC derivatives real-time quotes and order information of major stock types from KTB, MSB ▲F-KTB's real-time stock price and investor trends, etc.

□ For foreign financial information, the followings will be provided: ▲ Indices for each products and each exchanges from major countries including U.S.A. and Asian countries  ▲ Search for each stock types's delayed stock price and EOD  ▲ Futures stock price for foreign raw materials, etc.

□ Others will include, ▲Real-time daily currency information▲Currency Futures(USD, JPY, EUR) information ▲NDF's real-time information ▲EOD information for OTC derivatives and Commodity futures such as Swap will be provided in future as well.

□ Related press release from approximately 10 local/foreign news companies with Trading statement for each traders and member companies will be also provided with same speed as CHECK from existing Internet has been provided.

□ Deputy director, Kim In-soo, remarked that “ It went through gathering demands and advice from the best local finance experts and had around 1 year for preparation" and delievered that "For some periods from now, we will operate the service focused on existing CHECK users and will futher expand its service range toward general customers".

□ For CHECK users who would like to register for mobile service, you may dowload 'CHECK Mobile application'  from their Smart devices, then register by using 'CHECK mobile use application managment' Menu. (For inquiry, you may contact 1577-7889)
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