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KOSCOM, Now offers Markit CDS via 'CHECK Expert'

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2014-01-20 16:42:04

KOSCOM, Now offers Markit CDS via ’CHECK Expert’

2014. 1. 20
□ KOSCOM( announced they will provide CDS(Credit Default Swap) of Markit (CEO Kevin Gould), a global financial information service company, via ’CHECK Expert’, total financial information terminal, starting from 20th.

   * CDS(Credit Default Swap) : a Credit Derivatives in preparation for possible cases when Bonds or Loan’s the principal and interest cannot be paid back due to the nation or the company’s bankruptcy.

□ KOSCOM plans to initiate service iTraxx-Asia index that grouped Ex-Japan(countries except Japan), Japan, and Australia among iTraxx index starting from the 20th as well. iTraxx index is a representative index among the indices that are in relation to credit derivatives.

□ With that, KOSCOM entered into a market data user agreement with Markit, and plans to offer Today(T)’s, EOD data, and iTraxx-Asia index of about total 200 foreign companies accordingly.

□ In addition to currency and recovery rate that are CDS’s supplementary information and Markit’s internal credit level information, iTraxx-Asia index’s valid Depth and Heat compared to the previous day(T-1) will be provided as well.

□ KOSCOM’s deputy director, Kim In-soo, remarked that "As the interest on credit derivatives related information has grown experiencing global financial crisis; we expect CHECK Expert, Korea’s ranked number one financial information terminal, will be a tremendous help for investment experts.

□ KOSCOM will further improve the professionality of foreign information by converging local/foreign information and Markit CDS together to be more accessible for investor’s search on their needed informations.

□ Meanwhile, Markit, located its principal office in London UK, had been a forefront to standardize global CDS market for the last 10 years, and is currently offering CDS to approximately 1,000 global information vendors and countries. 
The very first total finance information terminal, 'CHECK', is now available in Smartphone
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